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Amstutz Fine Brandy



These fine brandies are a real burner! In 1890 Anton Schürch-Pfenniger, great-grandfather of Toni and Stefan Schürch, purchased the Böltschi farm in Rothenburg. He started the cider mill and distillery around 1920, along with the farm and processed local fruits. Three generations later, in 2005, Toni and Stefan Schürch also took over the cider mill and distillery of Alois Amstutz in Hildisrieden, which had been in existence since 1919. Since then, the fine brandies have been sold under the name «amstutz». The fruit comes from the area around Rothenburg and is processed to create a sophisticated fine brandy. This is befitting of both the clear waters and the natural scenery: thanks to the demand for fruit, the beautiful Lucerne countryside will continue to be shaped by the trees in the future. The traditional business is proving remarkably successful: «amstutz» was awarded the first three silver medals at the highly prestigious Swiss spirits awards ceremony, «DistiSuisse», in 2013. It added a further six to this in 2015, and even three gold medals in 2017.