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Heidegg Vineyard



A wine guide with tradition! The story of Heidegg originated in 1185 with Ritter von Heidegg. The intention was to build a proud castle on the outcrop. Around 1300, a descendant of Heinrich planted the steep, sun-drenched castle hill with grapevines. This led to Heidegg becoming the Seetal, and later the Lucerne Wine Castle. Peter Schuler carried on the tradition of his predecessor, Josef Zemp, at the Heidegg vineyard. For decades, as a recognised and renowned «Rebmeister» (master winemaker) of the «Staatskellerie» (state winery), he ensured that the viticulture on the castle hill led the way in winegrowing within the canton of Lucerne. The vineyard remained the property of the state until 1998. Since then it has been privatised. 16 grape varieties now thrive on the five hectares.