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Knutwiler Mineral Water



All hands to the pump! The story begins deep under the ground in a foothill of the former Reuss Glacier. There the water gathers, is harmoniously mineralised and swells to the surface at the source of the spring in Bad Knutwil. The first reference to the spring dates from 1461, when it was used as a so-called «Stahlbad» (steel bath) for restorative drinks and therapeutic healing waters. In 1786, the Mahler brothers from Lucerne built a splendid spa and bathhouse there with an inn and stables, which became internationally renowned. In 1926, the institution, Jugenddorf St. Georg, took over both the spring and the properties. This resulted, sixty years later, in the establishment of Mineralquelle Bad Knutwil AG. It has been bottling and distributing Knutwiler mineral water ever since. The Central Swiss entrepreneur, Oscar J. Schwenk, purchased the business in 2010 and had a state-of-the-art bottling plant installed.