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Mountain Cheese Dairy Marbach



Wild, rebellious, extremely beautiful – the characterful Entlebuch is the only UNESCO biosphere reserve in Switzerland. Together with their 25 employees, Heidi and Christian Jaun run the Bergkäserei Marbach mountain cheese dairy (871 m above sea level) with lots of prudence and innovative spirit. The couple took over the Dorfkäserei Wald near Schangnau as milk buyers in 1981. At the time they were producing two Emmentaler cheeses every day and employed an apprentice. Over the coming years, the Jaun couple opened a shop and started to produce cheese specialities. This led to the establishment of the present-day production plant in 2008 with shops and a visitor’s gallery in Marbach. Nowadays the former Dorfkäserei (village cheese dairy) is called Bergkäserei Marbach (Marbach mountain cheese dairy) and is run by Michael and Regula Jaun as a second generation business. Regional milk buyers are involved in the business. Every year, the Entlebuch residents process around 20 million litres of milk to create approximately 1,500 tonnes of cheese products.