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Buchsteg Mountain Farm



The Buchsteg farm business is located at the back of Eigenthal (1,006 m above sea level). Bernhard und Monika Zemp-von Rotz run the farm with their five children and two apprentices. The agricultural leasehold company extends across an area of 42 hectares, where suckler cows and sheep have space to roam. Around 50 Original Braunvieh suckler cows, Tyrolean Grey, Angus and 50 calves are kept on the mountain farm all year-round. In addition, depending on the season, two Angus breeding bulls, several breeding cattle and approximately 50 sheep belonging to the Heidschnucke and Wollschweine breeds come here with their young.

In summer, the Zemp family take some of their animals to the separate Alp Rosenboden (1,280 m above sea level) and to the leased land at Alp Gumm (1,400 m above sea level) at Rägeflüeli – one of the most beautiful summer grazing alps on the northern side of the Pilatus. From late May until mid September, the pair of alpine workers, Sara and Pius Wicki, watch over around 70 summer grazing cattle (23 suckler cows and calves, eight of their own cattle and 16 external cattle) amid the unique panorama.