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Unterlauelen Mountain Farm



The Alp Unterlauelen (1,061 m above sea level) is farmed all-year round. The business covers 26.9 hectares of agricultural land. Andrea & Hansueli Keiser-Arnold keep around 15 suckler cows belonging to the Swiss Original Braunvieh breed at their farm, along with their calves, three goats with kids, four yaks, two donkeys and two cats. Around 60 cattle and suckler cows also graze on the neighbouring Alp Oberlauelen (1,330 m above sea level) in the summer. Andrea & Hansueli Keiser-Arnold farm the Alp Unterlauelen with their three children and a farm hand.

The area is considered to be the source of the Lucerne spring water. The Lucerne water originates at the spring at Pilatus Nordhang, as well as from the ground water in the Tal der Kleinen Emme and the Vierwaldstädtersee. Around 18 per cent (according to ewl energie wasser luzern) of Pilatus spring water is collected in Eigenthal and then channelled from there to Lucerne. There are several spring tappings on the Alp Unterlauelen.

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